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About the Film

Directed by Klaus Stanjek

William Dieterle Film Prize of the city of Ludwigshafen
Bürgerpreis (Civic Award), Nonfiktionale Bad Aibling Film Festival, Bavaria
Official Selection, Dokfest Munich
Official Selection, Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival

“A profound documentary…. The film tells the story of a hidden life, and does it quite calmly, yet with excitement, in the manner of a detective film with clues.” 
—Anke Westphal, Berliner Zeitung

“Klaus Stanjek succeeded in making an incredibly moving documentary. That’s because he is not only the observant documentarian, but his personal touch and vibration are palpable. —Astrid Priebs-Tröger, Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten

“In post-war Germany, which Klaus Stanjek shows in this moving documentary, the silence must have been deafening….A biographical approach in the form of a detective story ” — Christian Schröder, Tagesspiegel

“Klaus Stanjek’s film sheds light on a compelling unknown personal account in WWII history and enriched our festival repertoire in terms of substance, cinematography, and creative narration. Through this excellent film, our viewers were exposed to the effects of the Holocaust on non-Jews as well as Jews during WWII.”
—Daniella Tourgeman, Program Director, Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival

Sounds from the Fog“Active forgetting” is a common process of coping with history in Germany. In a film that is one part historical inquiry and one part fascinating detective story, Klaus Stanjek follows the complex turns and feelings of his family when they confront the threatening knowledge of his Uncle Willi’s secret. Klaus Stanjek narrates, “My cheerful uncle lived with my family unless he was touring as an entertainment musician across Germany. Only when he turned 90 did I detect what my whole family had hidden: that he had spent eight years in Nazi camps and that he was gay. As I researched his life, I found out that my hometown had been a major stronghold of the early Nazi-Party, and that my mother enjoyed her career in the Hitler-Youth, despite knowing about her brother’s captivity.” Sounds from the Fog (or Sounds of Silence) is a compelling account of the director’s family history and the phenomenon of German repression of WWII memories.


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